The Tax professionals at SMP are some of the most well-informed in the industry. We stay current on all changes in tax laws and regulations so you can rest assured that your tax matters are being handled by competent professionals.

Pharmacy Provider Tax
Pharmacies are liable for taxes on each prescription filled, along with sales tax on items like durable medical equipment, and inventory assessments. These items can make keeping your own pharmacy records and reporting taxes each month burdensome to your business. The tax professionals at SMP can ensure you’re current on your pharmaceutical tax payments and file your reporting numbers each month for you.

Environmental Tax
The automotive industry is charged with disposing of a number of toxic items in an environmentally-friendly way. Environmental hazards like tires are subject to an environmental tax with an accompanying form to be filed with state and local governments. Leave your reporting to the tax professionals and rely on SMP to file the necessary paperwork with the appropriate government agency.

Business Privilege Tax
In most states you pay for the privilege of having a business. This means once a year you must file your paperwork with the state in which your business was incorporated and pay the fee associated with continued existence. With the exception of sole proprietorships, every other business must pay for the protections allowed it under the state. The business tax professionals at SMP can ensure your business privilege tax report is filed every year. We can also help with additional business tax filings and reports.

Business Personal Property Tax
In addition to Business Privilege Taxes, business owners with property associated with the business must report the property, as well as the equipment’s value and depreciation, on a yearly basis. This could include items such as cash registers, shelves, business-specific equipment, technology equipment, and others. The tax professionals at SMP can explain what is included in these filings and submit them for you.

Payroll Tax
Withholding taxes are generated with each payroll that is processed. SMP’s tax professionals confirm the accuracy of these calculations to ensure that the correct amounts are being withheld. The withheld amounts are then deposited with the proper tax agency. As your authorized agent, we respond to all inquires by the tax agencies on your behalf.

Sale/Use Tax
If you are purchasing and selling goods across state and local jurisdictions, you need knowledgeable professionals that can apply the different rules related to sale/use tax to your calculations and payments. SMP utilizes the latest tax software to calculate sales/use tax for our clients. We are committed to monitoring changes and updating our programs to maintain accuracy with every submission.

Annual Tax Returns
Different business structures have different tax implication. If your business is a LLC (Schedule C Filers), Partnership (Form 1065 Filers) or S-Corporation (1120-S Filers), SMP’s can prepare your annual tax returns. Our tax professionals are dedicated to making sure that your business receives every deduction and credit it is entitled to.

The SMP Tax Advantage
SMP Tax Solutions offers numerous advantages for your business. Join the ranks of other successful businesses and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Relief from the hassles of trying to understand and keep up with frequent tax law changes
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly penalties related to late or inaccurate filings
  • Spending less time focusing on time consuming administrative functions
  • Having experienced and knowledgeable tax professionals corresponding with tax agencies on behalf of your business