SMP provides customized payroll solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. SMP payroll services are designed to relieve businesses of the technology headaches that come with setting up and maintaining payroll systems. Whether you are a mid-sized company with between 50 and 1000 employees that needs on-site installation of time and attendance hard/software or a small business with between 1-49 employees that needs a less complex payroll system, we have the solution.

Desktop Solution
If you business uses timesheets to track employee hours; our desktop solution is right for you. Just phone, fax or email your payroll hours to your designated payroll specialist and let us do the rest. We will process your payroll and guarantee timely and accurate payments are disbursed.

Employee Payment Options
SMP’s payment options include printed checks, direct deposit and payroll cards. You choose the option that best fits the goals of your company and feel secure in knowing that SMP will deliver employee payments on time, every time.