The automotive industry has the need for a number of business consulting and administrative services. From filing the proper environmental tax paperwork to payroll, from inventory and purchase tracking and filing to sales tax reporting, the needs are vast and they require meticulous reporting skills.

In addition to these reporting functions, the consultants at SMP can help with time and attendance concerns. We can assess your business and make suggestions to eliminate detriments to the business and revenue drains such as “buddy punching” and double punches. We’ve implemented biometric hand scan systems and other solutions to help our clients prevent fraud in time and attendance. Each of our solutions is customized to your business and your budget.

We are also specialists in long-term business goal setting to help you manage your operations today and meet your fiscal goals of tomorrow.

Call the professionals at SMP today to streamline your operations, ensure on-time and accurate reporting, and/or protect against internal fraud.